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Marvin Mudzongo

Salifu Dagarti Charity (Branding)
Branding Development for Salifu Dagarti CIC including Logo Design, Website, banners and Business Stationary.
Austin Plastering (Branding)
Branding for Austin Plastering band in Northampton UK
Dagarti Hand Made & Natural Soaps (Branding)
We worked closely with Haja Salifu of Dagarti to create a brand that incorporates their ideology towards renewable resources and ethics regarding fair trading and social enterprising. Rebranding the logo and re-developing the business stationary to maintain the Natural and Organic ethics of the company throughout the website design, print material including Labels, Web Banners and other marketing materials across various platforms such as Print and Social Media.
Chesterfield & Co Residential (Corporate Branding)
Business stationary for local Residential company that offers lettings and sales mortgages etc... Chesterfield & Co are a local residential company offering Financial services, Mortgage & Sales plus organising removals, EPC & gas certificates for Landlords and Tenants.
Student Clinic / All In One Student Handbook
The essential students handbook. Branding and Product Design including layout and user experience.
Water Dogs
Personal project: Illustrations inspired by animals in motion and the photography 'Underwater Dogs' by Seth Casteel
Illustration : In Deep Meditation
In Deep Meditationby Marvin Mudzongo Illustration exercise @ghostdavandal
SketchBook 2015
Random sketches...
drawings, illustrations etc
Free Flight (Corporate Branding)
Corporate design for Bird Seed Products.
Shanthi Hemp (Branding)
Business Stationary for local company that specialises in Natural Handmade Soaps and other natural products.
ReBrand : The Centre For Community Volunteering
Rebranding the Centre For Community Volunteering Proposal : To enable easy access and promote INTERACTION between the users and a sense of community recognition and appreciation including ease of participation.
Logo Development
Logo development and business stationary.
Album / Mixtape Covers
Album covers for musicains and bands: Starting from the logo to the album cover, from the design to the video, we usually collaborate with artists to create an identity that can be used across the board.
Graphic Communication
Graphic Design is not just visual, it is about making people think!
UNSU Hand Painted Menu Boards 2013 Pt1
Hand Painted Menu Boards designed for the University Of Northampton Student' Union. Located in Central Park Restaurant, SU Drawn using Posca pens and other branded paint pens.
UNSU Hand Painted Menu Boards 2013 Pt2
Hand Painted Menu Boards designed for the University Of Northampton Student' Union. Located in The Pavilion, SU Drawn using Posca pens and other branded paint pens.
Paintings using different media
We customize any size and most materials. All designs are created to suit and exceed expectations.
Festivals, Carnivals and Fairs
Ghostdavandal Originals run a customization stall at social events such as Festivals, Carnivals and Fairs. Live painting, customization and networking. www.ghostdavandal.com
Its All About The 3 Stripes
"All about the 3 stripes baby..." is an independant project, creating customized designs by personalizing popular clothing lines. Available for purchase@ Essential Sports, Wellingborough Northamptonshire For further Information contact: email: enquiries@es-sports.co.uk www.es-sports.co.uk Alernatively email: gdvoriginals@gmail.com www.ghostdavandal-originals.com
Ghostdavandal@Northampton Museum
Ghostdavandal@Northampton Museum Customise Your Life Northampton is renowned for it's rich history in shoe making and manufacturing. Responsible for generations of shoe industrialisation which is evident all over Northampton and more so within the Museum. Ghostdavandal held a customisation exhibition at the Northampton Museum which started from Tuesday 13th of June until the 8th of October. The exhibition consisted of customised trainers and shoes (from Marvin Mudzongo), Up-cycled cushions(from Sarah Young) and photography (from Hitesh Patel). Ghostdavandal is a collective of visual artists and designers with talent ranging from textiles and graphic design, to audio and video production.
Ghostdavandal TV
Filmed and edited by Marvin Mudzongo for Ghostdavandal TV 2010 Be original
Tshirts etc
Tshirt designs and other customised clothing including tshirt, hats, jeans and jackets.
Customisation:Challenging Customs,Conventions and Norms
Dissertation, Book design, double spread layout and jacket design
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