University Of Northampton
Graphic Communication BA : Final Major Project
Date: 2012
The University of Northampton's Community Centre For Volunteering was a busy department catering for students and staff to engage with community partners to undertake community projects.
This was a way for the students to utilise their skills, influence their career choices, build self esteem and confidence. The main message for students to understand was that the centre offered students a way to build their skills for life. The problem was that students were not engaging with the centre so I proposed a need for a re-brand to transform the services
CFCV as a 'Hub' or centre-point where Student volunteers and staff engage digitally or physically to enhance the whole experience. 
enable easy access and promote INTERACTION between the users and a sense of community recognition and appreciation including ease of participation.
OPTIMIZING:           Making Daily activities more efficient. 
ENGAGING:            Capturing attention, creating delight, delivering meaning, fluent messages.
EMPOWERING:      Enabling people to go beyond limits. 
EXPRESSING:        Encouraging self expression/ creativity. 
CONNECTING:       Facilitating communication between people and communities. (i.e. Events weekly/)
DISRUPTING:         RE-Imagining completely an existing service by creating new behaviours/ usage/ markets. 
The final outcomes would enable the ease access for studentsand staff to participate and promote the INTERACTION between the users and community partners internal or external and instill a sense of community and appreciation.
The rebrand included:
Business Stationary (Letterhaeds, Business cards)
Posters & Flyers (Digital & Print)
Interactive Website (intranet)
Viral Videos (animations/motion graphics)
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