Design Projects and Direction
Graphic Design is not just visual, it is about making people THINK!
COLLAGE: ideas for equality and diversity poster
Equality and Diversity poster 1.
Equality and Diversity poster 2.
EMOTIF BOOK: book design using a 3 dimensional idea of storage.
METRO LAUNCH: one day design brief to create a functional logo explore its possible uses.
Brief: Create typography using a chosen theme to create an A2 poster
YCN Live Brief 2011
Client: Thames Clippers
An Inspiring Journey
With breathtaking modern architecture contrasted so brilliantly against immense historical buildings, a journey along the River Thames truly sums up the rich fabric of London life through the years. With so much to see - this stretch of river has the highest concentration of landmarks in Europe - we know you will get a thrilling and ever evolving perspective on the capital every time you are onboard.

The Communication Challenge
At the Thames Clippers website you can read about the many benefits of river travel. Many people are unaware of them! This includes both those that live in London, or those that visit the capital from overseas. When they find out they’re nearly always won over.
We need to engage with people that live in London, and people that visit London, at the times that they’ll be most receptive to understanding the benefits of river travel.
poster 1.
poster 2.
poster 3
poster 4
billboard and ticket.
The International Language. [ideas and development]
The International Language. [ideas and development]
The International Language. Poster.
Aetalier ebooks Logo design.
double spread design: Manifesto.
Excellence Of Paper

Client: GF Smith papers
Brief:  To Promote the various types of paper that GF Smith produce
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