Being involved in music i always receive requests to create logos and album covers for local artists and mixtape covers to promote their music...besides doing music videos we like to collaborate with the artist and create a whole identity...usually starting from the logo to photography, album cover to video.
Be Original
Customize Ur Life
Artist : Ceasar
Album / Mixtape Title: While we wait
Released: 2012
download link:
Front: While We Wait
Back: While We Wait
Artist : Kreaps
Album / Mixtape Title: First Chapter
Released: 2012
download link: 

Artist : Marvin Hagglar
Album / Mixtape Title: This Is Freedom
Released: 2013
download link:
Artist : Stylah
Album / Mixtape Title: Logo Ident
Released: 2012
Artist : Mix Midget Mike
Logo Ident
Released: 2012
Artist : Audiio Narxx
Album / Mixtape Title: Challenge Volume 3
Released: 2013
download link:
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